2022-10-29 The submersible pump "Europump S324T-12" runs with 24V and makes up to 12 bar pressure and delivers up to 3000 L/h. It is very slim and can therefore be lowered into any tight tank. The power consumption is up to 864W
2022-09-24 The pump "Grundfos JP5-48" is powerful enough for the watering lance, but cannot bridge long distances and for some sprinklers the pressure is not enough anyway. After all, there is no need for new fittings for the connection.
2022-07-23 It won't be long before the Japanese plums are ripe, but they are still hard.
The apples are already edible, but I better let them ripen even more. The branches bend under the weight of the fruit.
The kiwi berries have now almost reached their final size. It looks like a bumper harvest.
The first blackberries are ripe.
2022-07-16 The 160PSI pressure pump is a bit tricky to start up as it is not self-priming. Although the flow rate is too small for the watering wand, it is sufficient for a irrigation drip hose. Since the pressure caused water to spray several meters, I will attach 2 irrigation drip hoses next time, which should reduce the pressure and increase the flow rate. In this way, the water would be distributed less widely and would therefore get more to where it is most urgently needed.
Apparently I have animal competition when it comes to cherries. Anyway, all the fruits of 'Jade' are gone as if by magic, but they aren't on the ground.
2022-07-09 The persimmon 'Meader' has a fruit base. Let's see if it becomes a ripe fruit or if it is thrown off like unfortunately with the paw paw. Both varieties of jostaberries are now ripe, but the red gooseberries have different ripeness depending on the variety. The Cassis 'Late Night', 'Titania' and 'Ometa' are also ripe. The collards have grown into quite a beast, but still show no signs of blooming. So I can take my time with the harvest.
2022-07-02 For the first time it is worth harvesting summer silverberry. Some of the currants in the pots look a bit poor, which the ants that have nested there are partly to blame for. This is because the water holding capacity decreases significantly. I have no choice but to fight ants in pots in the future and additionally install irrigation.
2022-06-25 The one remaining pod of paw paw has visibly grown, but the walnut has shed all the pods. On the other hand, there is no question of fruit drop with the tara vine, because an army of these berries is growing again. Numerous fruits are also developing from the blackberries, even if it will certainly not be enough for a record harvest.
The first yellow and red raspberries, the white and red currants and the first black currants are ripe, and it won't be long before the jostaberries either. Gooseberries and summer silverberry are a little less far in fruit maturity.
The few Japanese plums and the apples have grown visibly larger again.
With black elder and the edible mountain ash, it looks like a significant harvest for the first time.
The American persimmon is blooming for the very first time, although the flowers can be counted on one hand.
2022-06-18 The leaf cabbage is already very stately, but shows no signs of wanting to flower. So there is no hurry with the harvest. Next weekend I will have to trim the tree spinach in front of the solar panels, otherwise they will cast too much shade.
2022-06-11 Despite the many flowers, there was not a single fruit set on the Schisandra.
2022-06-04 It remains with one fruit set with the paw paw and this even with the smaller of the two trees. It remains to be seen whether this will really result in ripe fruit. Clematis 'Fujimusume', Lonicera brownii and the yellow and blue bearded iris are in bloom. Again there was over 1 kilo of honeyberries to harvest. Here and there a few strawberries are ripe.
2022-05-28 The last flower of the paw paw has faded and another fruit set is not visible. But in any case, it is now clear that pollination of this plant can also work without human intervention, because fruit set is clearly visible.
There were several more kilos of rhubarb to harvest. But now it's over for this year.
The walnut flowers, but they are only female flowers. However, there is another walnut tree nearby, so nuts could still form. The first honeyberries are ripe.
2022-05-21 A cucumber magnolia blossom is actually looking at me, although the Magnola acuminata is less than a meter tall. Such a cheeky little fellow The first honeyberries have changed color. So it can't be long until the very first berry harvest. Gooseberries and relatives are full of fruit. The Japanese plum has set many fruits and there are also a few of the large-fruited sloe. It is not yet clear whether the paw paw will set fruit, but it does have some flowers where the petals have fallen off but the stem with the base of the flower is still attached. Other flowers died off completely after flowering. It also still has open flowers.
2022-05-07 I thought the buttonbush had died. However, it still drives out on many buds.
The beech tree has finally enlarged its buds and will sprout in a few days.
Nothing is happening with the walnut, although it is known to sprout very late.
The first stone fruits have now completely faded and hardly a flower has fallen off. That would speak for a good fruit setting. In any case, it worked with the different Ribes. In the case of red and black currants, gooseberries and josta, the fruits are already a visible size. Lonicera kamtschatica also promises a good yield.
The first rhubarb harvest this year already yielded a few kilos.
2022-04-30 All cherries are blooming now.
The magnolia has sprout but the walnut is not ready yet.
2022-04-24 The black apricot has faded but the Japanese plum and the primeval peach are still in bloom. I'm still waiting impatiently for the mirabel plum's flower buds, because there's still nothing like that to be seen. However, the mirabelle plum also flowers clearly after the leaves have fully sprouted ... so maybe it will come. The first variety of the serviceberry is in full bloom.
2022-04-10 What luck that the flowers of most fruit trees and shrubs are still closed.
The Lonicera is now in full bloom, but they don't mind the few degrees below zero.
Cowslips, primula denticulata, wood anemones, Siberian squill and dwarf daffodils are in bloom.
There was indeed snow in my garden this morning, but it melted as quickly as it came throughout the day.
2022-04-02 there is a very special situation in my garden right now, because on the one hand there are the green leaves on ribes and lonicera and some other woody plants, the rhubarb has also sprouted a bit and the color of the flowers is already shimmering through the still closed buds on black apricot and peach ...
and on the other hand it has a very fresh blanket of snow over everything.
I don't think there will be much damage.
2022-03-20 The jostaberries have just sprouted and the dwarf irises are blooming.
Although there is a considerable risk of frost at this time of year, experience has shown that these two have no problem with it.
The Lonicera kamtschatica are in less of a hurry than usual, although they could withstand -8C even during flowering.
2022-03-13 There are more and more signs of the readiness to sprout and frosts below -10C are hardly to be expected. At the same time, during the day last week it regularly warmed up to around +10C.
One thing is clear: what is already sprouting properly now has to be prepared for frost down to -5C, because that can still happen.
So far, however, nothing has taken this last step that would have a problem with -5C.
On Saturday it was over 10C for the first time when I was there and at the same time no stone fruit has sprout yet.
So it was the perfect opportunity for the winter spray with 3% acetic acid with 3% hydrogen peroxide against leaf curl.
2022-02-20 Most of the snow is gone now and it seems like there's a race going on in my garden.
The snowdrops are almost in bloom and the buds of some shrubs are about to sprout.
Well, if that goes well, because it would not be unusual if there was another severe frost in the near future.
The cheeky rhubarb are early again, as if trying to defy the weather.
However, as long as they remain compact, even frost down to -4C can only cause minor damage.

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