2022-03-20 The jostaberries have just sprouted and the dwarf irises are blooming.
Although there is a considerable risk of frost at this time of year, experience has shown that these two have no problem with it.
The Lonicera kamtschatica are in less of a hurry than usual, although they could withstand -8C even during flowering.
2022-03-13 There are more and more signs of the readiness to sprout and frosts below -10C are hardly to be expected. At the same time, during the day last week it regularly warmed up to around +10C.
One thing is clear: what is already sprouting properly now has to be prepared for frost down to -5C, because that can still happen.
So far, however, nothing has taken this last step that would have a problem with -5C.
On Saturday it was over 10C for the first time when I was there and at the same time no stone fruit has sprout yet.
So it was the perfect opportunity for the winter spray with 3% acetic acid with 3% hydrogen peroxide against leaf curl.
2022-02-20 Most of the snow is gone now and it seems like there's a race going on in my garden.
The snowdrops are almost in bloom and the buds of some shrubs are about to sprout.
Well, if that goes well, because it would not be unusual if there was another severe frost in the near future.
The cheeky rhubarb are early again, as if trying to defy the weather.
However, as long as they remain compact, even frost down to -4C can only cause minor damage.

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